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4 Critical Questions to Ask When Selecting your IWMS Software

By Steve Hanes

Selecting the right integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software is crucial for the effective running of your campus.

Not all facility management software is created equal. And, your facility management software has a dramatic impact on all aspects of your job.

You can ensure you’re selecting the right IWMS for your facility by first asking the right questions...

1. Does it really support all 5 pillars of IWMS?

Energy, space management, capital planning/project management, and real estate/property management work in tandem to provide the five pillars of a successful IWMS.

Without supporting all five pillars, your IWMS can not meet your facility’s needs. Just as you wouldn’t trust a car with three tires, you shouldn’t trust an IWMS that won’t fully support the needs of your facility.

Depending on homegrown systems, spreadsheets, and outside experts in addition to your current facilities management software leads to frustration, inefficiencies, data inaccuracy, and incompatibility between systems.

An effective IWMS, however, provides accuracy and data integrity – with the ease of use of a single platform.

In the case of Wyoming’s Schools Facilities Division, a much-dreaded reporting process that once took over three weeks to complete can now be completed in approximately 45 minutes.

When it comes to managing your facility, it’s necessary to select a software that meets all of your facility’s needs.

2. Is the technology up to date?

Technology advances at an unrelenting pace. Chances are, you’ve purchased the top-of-the-line computer, only to discover a month later, new technology has already rendered it an “old model”.

Much to our chagrin as consumers, this change is a good thing. Progress on the technology front ushers in exciting changes. Unless you’re Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec fame, you likely don’t want to return to the days of a clunky Nokia brick clipped to your belt.

From tablets to smartphones, mobile technology has shaped our lives and work environment Access to information on the go has revolutionized the way we live and work.

Your IWMS software should progress with the times as well. If your software isn’t changing with the world of technology, it’s falling rapidly behind. Does your facilities management solution offer mobile solutions and integration with vital workplace technology?

3. Does the company listen to your needs?

As a facility manager, you rely on facility management software day in and day out. Intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the product, your insight is invaluable in the creation of new product lines and innovation. If your IWMS software isn’t meeting your needs, it’s not doing its job.

Finding an IWMS provider who values your insight is crucial. If they’re not listening to you, who will meet your facility software needs?

4. Will it meet your specific needs?

No two facilities are alike. The needs of a 300 building campus in Arizona differ greatly than a 30 building campus in Alaska. As a result, your IWMS software must offer customization to meet the needs of your campus. Facilities management software should provide the tools you need to best manage your facility not just any campus.

With the right IWMS, your facility is equipped with the tools necessary to operate at peak efficiency. The initial investment may be steep, and the cost reason to give pause. However, a quality facilities management solution is truly an investment, you will enjoy the returns for years to come.


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