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6 Reasons Why Your Investment in Software Maintenance Matters

By Kevin Raasch

One of the key pieces of your investment in AssetWorks products is something you might not know all that much about: annual software maintenance. But what are you actually investing in there? Since it might not be so clear, we’ve compiled the top six reasons software maintenance matters to you.

#6: We focus specifically on your industry.

By taking aim at the issues that affect you most, in the public sector, we make sure our products best address the unique challenges you face.

#5: We regularly update our products and release new products to help you.

Our product development teams are always updating existing products and building new solutions to help you work more efficiently. With three scheduled releases each year (included as part of your annual software maintenance), you can rest assured that our products are always improving and you’ll see new, exciting features on a regular basis.

#4: We provide you with educational opportunities and share industry knowledge. 

The annual AssetWorld user conference, regular webinars, speaking at industry conferences, and more are examples of how we help you continue to grow as a facilities professional and as a team.

#3: We build our products for you, by building them with you.

AssetWorks doesn’t just update products on a whim, or because we think you’ll like it. We improve our products using your feedback, and even develop new products in collaboration with groups of customers who opt into either a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or Special Interest Group (SIG).

#2: We provide top-notch customer support.

Our Customer Care team is always here looking out for members of the AssetWorks family – call them, email them, or engage them via the Customer Care Portal. The team is ready and eager to help you with a problem, provide a quick how-to, track an enhancement request, provide knowledge base articles, access to documentation and more. With such a robust system, and your own unique business processes, you need our team to be well versed in the intricacies of AiM. Customer service is a top priority for us because we know it’s critical to your success.

#1: We provide leading software for facilities by leveraging leading technologies.

We live in a digital world, and technologies are always changing. As a software provider, it is especially important for us to keep a finger on the technological pulse. We have an expansive list of products that are impacting more and more people each year. Staying on top of the new technological possibilities and regularly developing and improving our s

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