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Facilities Management Software Jargon... Simplified

By Kevin Raasch

When it comes to facility management software, you have a host of options. With so many choices, selecting the right software for your campus is overwhelming.

As you research your options, you’re left to cut your way through technical jargon, industry-specific acronyms, and confusing product descriptions. There’s often ambiguity in functionality explanations and little straightforward explanation of features.

Diving into the world of facilities management software introduces you to an entirely new vocabulary. Cutting through acronyms and technical lingo is daunting.

We have your jargon-free guide to facilities management software.

CAFM - Computer Aided Facility Management

Primarily used as a space planning and asset management tool, CAFM is often a piece of a more robust system.

CAFM offers:

  • Space Planning
  • Asset location
  • Move management

Space and move management are the most common uses for this software. Organizations use CAFM for organizing space and keeping track of items within the area.

In short: CAFM is a single resource for tracking space use and managing moves. While not comprehensive, facilities staff often utilize CAFM as a piece of a larger platform.


CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System

A CMMS tracks upkeep on high-value items like lab equipment, vehicles, and, medical equipment.

Primary uses for a CMMS include:

  • Asset tracking
  • Recording cost of work
  • Equipment location
  • Logging maintenance history for equipment
  • Labor resources

In short: A CMMS is perfect for tracking maintenance for high-value machinery.


EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

A more robust version of a CMMS, enterprise asset management systems offer the maintenance tracking options of a CMMS, in addition to financial, HR and administrative capabilities.

An EAM looks at whole portfolio –  including physical, financial, fixed assets.

In short: EAM is best for tracking lifetime asset performance.


IWMS - Integrated Workplace Management System

An IWMS is the most comprehensive of the facilities management platforms.

A complete solution, IWMS focuses on all five pillars of facilities management:

  • Real Estate and Lease Management
  • Facilities and Space Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Sustainability

An IWMS provides extensive functionality within a single platform.

In short: If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform that focuses on all pillars of facilities management  – IWMS is your tool.

To learn more about other Facilities Management Acronyms and tools, check out our post: Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Facilities Management.

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