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Free 90-Day Licensing of Software for Mobile Inspections

By Kevin Raasch

April 7th, 2020

San Antonio, Texas: AssetWorks, LLC today announced a limited free 90-day license of three software modules to enable Mobile Inspections. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new inspection, cleaning and disinfection requirements for our customers. Mobility will enable personnel to assess and execute on new procedures, verify quality and take corrective action as needed.

“COVID-19 is changing the facility management industry in ways no one can predict,” says Trey Drake, General Manager at AssetWorks. “We expect mobility solutions will be key to completing the necessary work and inspections, and we want to make sure our customers have the tools to be successful.”

AssetWorks' AiM and Go solutions can help address these challenges and put a foundation in place for organizational success. As such, we're partnering with our customers to offer a 90-day temporary use license and a free webinar training series for the following three solutions: AssetSync, Go Asset Management, and the related Automated Business Process.
  • AssetSync: The ability to define large number of Assets and associate to a PM Template for bulk upload
  • Go Asset Management: Conduct and capture data for generated inspections, and on-demand creation of inspections from a mobile device
  • Inspection Work Order Generation: Automatically create work orders for remedial actions

The free 90-day licensing of software for mobile inspections is available immediately. Customers can email facilitysales@assetworks.com to take advantage of this opportunity.

About AssetWorks, LLC: At AssetWorks, we understand that managing real estate and assets can be a challenge. With over 35 years of experience and more than 1,000 customers in public and private industries, AssetWorks is a leader in understanding and developing solutions for these challenges from increasing efficiency and improving data transparency to reducing overall costs.


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