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What is AiM Software and Do You Mean the AssetWorks IWMS?

By Greg Jarboe

I was planning to write a short blog post that answered the question, “What is AiM software?” But, I did a quick search, looked at the results, and suddenly realized, “These aren’t the Droids you’re looking for.” 


Because “AiM” is a three-letter acronym (TLA) as well as the name of the AssetWorks IWMSSo, “AIM” (with a capital I) can mean AOL Instant Messenger, Alternative Investment Market, American Indian Movement, Assessing the Impact, and more than 250 other things. 

Now, I understand why so many people are asking, “What is AiM software?”  

Well, if you are a Director of Facilities at a college or university with a complex infrastructure and changing needs, then these ARE the Droids you’re looking for. 


What is AiM software? 

Let’s begin by defining AiM. It is the core of the enterprise facility management software solution from AssetWorks. The “A” is for Asset. The “M” is for Management. And the “i” is the intelligence within Asset Management, which is why the “i” is between the “A” and the “M.” 

Just to make sure we’re both on the same page, AiM software offers five key pillars of capability (real estate & property management, space management, operations & maintenance, capital planning and project management, and energy management) that together make it an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). 

And AiM software is part of the company’s ReADY, AiM, and Go solutions, which are designed to meet your facility and asset management needs from start to finish.  

  • ReADY connects your customers to your organization.  
  • AiM equips facilities staff and executives with all the tools they need.  
  • Go puts mobile solutions in the hands of workers in the field. 

So, you don’t need to unlearn what you have learned. 


We’re talking about AiM IWMS software 

And, just to be clear, I’m talking about AiM IWMS software. How can you be sure that AiM is an Integrated Workplace Management System? As I mentioned above, it integrates.  

  • Real estate & property managementAiM software enables a Director of Facilities to oversee every aspect of his or her portfolio, including database management of people, places, and things; lease management and tracking; property management; accounting; and budgeting. 
  • Space management: AiM IWMS software is specifically focused on higher education’s need to track utilization of the facilities related to organizational occupancy, functional usage, research and academic programs, all on proration and time allocation basis. 
  • Operations & maintenance (O&M): AiM software cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace. With AiM, your organization can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide. 
  • Capital planning and project management (CPPM): AiM IWMS software helps organizations increase fiscal controls and improve financial accountability for projects. It is an owner-focused solution for project and fiscal management of construction and renovation projects with incredibly robust financial tracking. It is also unique in the tightness of integration to Operation and Maintenance as well as Assessment and Needs Analysis.  
  • Energy management: AiM software provides a solution for recording/tracking utility invoices from service providers, reconciling those bills against an organizations internal metering (physical and virtual) allowing for cost allocation and internal recovery. AiM Energy Management is unique in that it can gather operating expenses directly from the integrated operations and maintenance and space occupancy details for cost allocations come from the integrated space management functionality. 

What about AiM software support? 

AssetWorks not only develops and sells the ReADY, AiM and Go software solutions, the company also provides professional services and supports their customers directly. With a vested interest in customer success, they partner with you in providing strategic services to meet your business goals 

Their AiM software support bridges the gap between your existing technology solutions their Integrated Workplace Management System. They offer a full range of strategic services including business consulting services, business process assessment, solution fit-gap analysis, change management, and complex multi-vendor project management. 

And, as I mentioned in a previous post about the best IWMS software, they can help you make the equivalent of the “Kessel Run” in less than twelve parsecs. 


What about AiM software deployment and custom solutions? 

They also provide implementation services to ensure that your AiM software deployment doesn’t lead to the Dark Side. Having helped hundreds of other customers like you, AssetWorks knows how to ensure a successful implementation. Their knowledgeable staff use their skills and experience to help you with project management, business process development and system configuration, data migration, training and adoption, tailored training materials, onsite go-live support, and even follow-up health checks. 

The AssetWorks team understands that no two customer environments are identical, and that's where their custom solutions come into play. Whether you need to interface their solutions with your ERP/HR systems, build custom reports to your exact specifications, develop scripts to automate standard processes, deploy a custom web application, or offer tailored training and certification programs, AssetWorks custom solutions can help you accomplish your specific goals. 


What about technical and support services to keep it all running smoothly? 

The AssetWorks technical services team can relieve stress on your own IT resources by providing full service hosting, application installation and upgrade services, the configuration and testing of authentication services, and much more. Let them focus on ensuring that everything is working as it should, so you can focus on your organization’s mission. 

And they’d don’t provide the typical call center. Their support analysts are highly trained and skilled AiM IWMS software experts with the industry and technical expertise to provide your organization with unparalleled support services. Their customer care team is available for unlimited telephone or email support with a guaranteed response time. Additionally, their Customer Care Portal offers a plethora of resources available around-the-clock. You can also count on AssetWorks to deliver regular AiM software updates, including new versions, enhancements, patches, and bug fixes. 


They used to bullseye womp rats in their T-16s back home. 

All this is not impossible. AssetWorks has a veteran team. I’ve met them via Zoom and I got the impression that they used to bullseye womp rats in their T-16s back home in the United State and Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

But, you can judge this for yourself.   

Contact one of the higher education experts at AssetWorks. If you have questions about AiM software or AiM IWMS software, just ask them. Do you want to learn more about AiM software support or AiM software deployment? They will be happy to help you. 

Or, now that you know that these ARE the Droids you’re looking for, you can also request a demo. The expert team at AssetWorks will be happy to assist you. And, don’t be surprised if they remind you of the members of Rogue Squadron. 



About Greg Jarboe

Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR, which has provided services to the University of the Pacific, the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, and Dickinson College. Greg has been an instructor in several Rutgers Business School Mini-MBA programs.

In addition, Greg is the author of YouTube and Video Marketing and the co-author with Katie Paine of the Communications Measurement eBook for Higher Education. Before co-founding SEO-PR in 2003, Greg was VP of Marketing for WebCT, where he helped to triple the company’s installed base from 700 institutions in 36 countries to 2,172 institutions in 75 countries.


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