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Start Optimizing Your Facility: The Tools You Must Pay Attention To

By Steve Hanes

To excel in your role at your facility, it’s time to discover the tools at your disposal to make you more successful.

Space managers continually face complex challenges. Under tremendous pressure, they navigate competing space allocation agendas and play host to their colleagues in the physical plant over data configuration and ownership issues. Any attempts to create harmony in the workplace can feel like an exercise in futility.

Does this sound like your workplace situation?

If so, it’s vital to have a solution that enables you to properly allocate space and equip your facility for success. When facing allocation challenges, space management systems are critical to ensure proper assignment and utilization of space, contain costs, and adhere to institutional and industry policies and standards.

Benefits notwithstanding, it’s difficult to even consider adding yet another system to master your lengthy to-do list. Plus, the cost of such a system is enough to give pause to even the most progressive space manager.

However, there’s much to be said for the efficiencies gained through such a system; many of which save facilities teams thousands of man-hours (and dollars) in the long run.

Comprehensive space management systems provide indispensable analytical tools:

Utilization analysis, space planning, indirect cost recovery and grant tracking are among the countless benefits afforded by an effective space management system.

Once properly configured, a space management system provides accurate data that pinpoints the total cost of space across the organization. Best of all, such a system equips organizations to best make use of their space, generate revenue, reduce costs and increase the productivity and efficiency of their staff.

Furthermore, a space management system equips you to accurately measure space and track utilization enterprise-wide.

And as part of a comprehensive IWMS deployment, effective space management brings greater visibility, accountability, transparency and optimization to the organization.

In most circumstances, space management software allows for greater effectiveness in the use of space, allowing facility use to be maximized, saving facilities from the expense of utilities for unused spaces, and eve the cost new construction, in many cases.

The bottom line for a space management system is: your organization could function without one, and you may even miss some initial growing pains as a result. However, in the long run, you’ll miss out on massive efficiencies by ignoring this important tenant of your space management.

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