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AssetWorld's 2019 Steve Deines Achievement Award

By Kevin Raasch

April 10, 2019

The AssetWorld Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievement in facilities and workplace management using the AssetWorks family of products.

This is a very special award. It special because achievement requires excellence. To quote Aristotle, “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” Stated differently, excellence and achievement are the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Steve Deines: A Dedication to Excellence

As we celebrate achievement and excellence, a very special person comes to mind. On February 1, 2019 we were deeply saddened by loss of Steve Deines, a brilliant and talented project manager, mentor and friend to so many of us. Steve spent the last 13 years of his career with AssetWorks traveling all over the country, working with customers, implementing AiM and enriching our lives. He was a rock star in Facilities Management.

People often referred to him as the master of AiM and it’s no surprise that over the years, so many Achievement Award recipients have been Steve’s customers. Eric Hougen, a colleague and dear friend of Steve said it best in a beautiful condolence.

“Steve's super power was his ability to recognize potential in other people and help them reach it. He demonstrated professional excellence and inspired us to achieve. He was always trying to figure out the best way to do something. And once he figured it out, he would share it. His passion is a model for all of us to follow. That's how we can honor Steve, by being excellent.”

As a tribute to Steve and in recognition of his profound contribution to our company, our customers and the Facilities Management industry, AssetWorks is pleased to announce the renaming of the Achievement Award to the Steve Deines Achievement Award.

Small Town Feel, BIG RESULTS

It’s fitting and really no surprise that this year’s Steve Deines Achievement Award recipient is one of Steve’s clients. This university's website has a banner that describes their institution and this facilities organization perfectly. Small Town Feel, BIG RESULTS.

This year’s award winner has been using AiM for a very long time. They originally implemented our legacy system, Facility Focus in 2004.

Years went by and new technologies evolved. When it was time for our team to develop the next generation of Facility Focus, this organization was right by AssetWorks' side. They shared our vision for the future and committed their time and expertise by joining one of our earliest special interest groups in 2006, the Facility MAX Advisory Council. They were instrumental in helping us design Motor Pool, Key & Access Control, KPIs and many other features in a new solution that would come to be known as FMAX. They implemented FMAX in 2007, today we call that solution AIM.

In 2010, they joined the Capital Projects SIG, and again contributed their time expertise to helping us develop the Capital Planning & Project Management module. The shared vision was materializing, as AssetWorks pushed forward, with O&M and CPPM our customers were really starting to experience the power of integration.

Fast forward to 2019 and they are still moving forward, still striving for continuous improvement. Steve Deines loved working with this group and it’s easy to see why. This organization never stops and they are dedicated to continuous improvement. They have achieved so much, and yet, they are not done.

Small Town Feel, BIG RESULTS.

AssetWorks is pleased to present the 2019 Steve Deines Achievement Award to Eastern Washington University.


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