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How the State of Alaska Tackles Statewide Deferred Maintenance

By Kevin Raasch

The largest U.S. state by area, Alaska is roughly twice the size of Texas and one-fifth of the entire United States. Alaska’s Division of Facilities Services (DFS) maintains over 2,000 facilities (across 14 agencies) with a combined 19 million square feet of space and an overall replacement value of $8.6 billion! With great size, comes great responsibilities...

Join us at this year's AssetWorld 21: Mission Possible user conference to learn how the State of Alaska has conquered its deferred maintenance backlog with a statewide strategy. You won't want to miss Anna Harrison and Christopher Hodgin's presentation, "The State of Alaska Tackles Statewide Deferred Maintenance." 


Session Description:

Historically, agencies within the State of Alaska managed maintenance of their own facilities independently using different systems. They also looked at deferred maintenance independently, which made it difficult to prioritize needs statewide using similar objective standards. Facing a substantial backlog, the state created a division to manage facilities maintenance statewide, and implemented a unified software solution, which provided a consistent framework for assessment, prioritization of needs and many other benefits.


Learning Objectives:

  • Deferred Maintenance is not just a facilities problem, it impacts everyone using the facility.
  • Capital Renewal is more complex than a single backlog number.
  • Alaska faces challenges with Deferred Maintenance due to geographical concerns, weather implications, and lack of budget.



Anna Harrison


Anna Harrison

SCR Building Maintenance Manager

Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

State of Alaska

Anna Harrison is the Southcoast Regional Building Maintenance Manager and Project Manager for the Computerized Maintenance Management Software program for the State of Alaska. She has been in Facilities Management since 2014 and has been involved in all aspects of the facilities centralization efforts since inception. Anna has a Masters Degree in Public Administration, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and is working towards PMI – Project Management Professional.


Christopher Hodgins


Christopher Hodgin

Team Leader / Senior Project Manager

State of Alaska

Christopher Hodgin is the program manager for the centralization and reorganization of State of Alaska facilities maintenance.  He also a senior project manager and the DOT&PF energy program manager with extensive experience leading energy savings performance contracting projects throughout Alaska.   Christopher is a Professional Engineer, PMI-Project Management Professional, and Certified Energy Manager.  He is also a LEED Accredited Professional, Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, and CSI Construction Contract Administrator.



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