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Portland Community College wins AssetWorld’s 2021 Innovation Award

By James Perkins

April 19, 2021

Portland Community College (PCC), the largest post-secondary institution in Oregon, has won AssetWorld’s 2021 Innovation Award. PCC, which serves over 60,000 full-time and part-time students, won this year’s AssetWorld 2021 Innovation Award, which recognizes an individual or organization that has been truly innovative in maximizing their AssetWorks suite of products.

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A Decade of Success with the AssetWorks Family

PCC has been a part of the AssetWorks family for a decade. During that time, they’ve successfully implemented Work Management, Asset Management, Key and Access Control, Space Management, Capital Projects, Environmental Health and Safety, Assessment and Needs Analysis, and more. They have been at the forefront; an enthusiastic, early-adopter of ReADY, AiM and GO solutions, whose valuable feedback and insights have benefitted everyone in the AssetWorks family.

But that’s not why they received this award. PCC took innovation to a whole new level!


The Mission
  1. Launch a Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) spanning up to 12,000 asset records for buildings, equipment, and components -- using a third-party vendor.
  2. Collaborate with both AssetWorks and the third-party vendor to ensure that the AiM IWMS was updated in real-time, as asset information is collected in the field.
  3. Provisions are low. Do not rely on spreadsheets, custom interfaces, or student assistants for help.
  4. As always, time is of the essence. Reduce the project duration by 85% and complete the mission in six weeks!

Mission Accomplished

It seems nearly impossible. We all know that FCA vendors typically collect asset data in spreadsheets. Later, the information is provided to Facilities. Usually in spreadsheets. Then, through complex custom interfaces and/or tedious manual entry, the data finally makes its way into the AiM IWMS. And at that point, the information is several months old, often outdated.

PCC continues to use the mobile application connected to their integrated system in their day-to-day work. So not only does their condition assessment data get delivered accurately in real-time, but so does the data they collect in day-to-day operations.

Simple? Yes. Innovative? Without a doubt. And what payoff! AssetWorks is absolutely thrilled to present Portland Community College with our 2021 Innovation Award. Congratulations team!


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