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New Year, New Missions - 6 Reasons to Attend AssetWorld

By Kevin Raasch

If you are like me, New Year's Resolutions are an inescapable exercise that can be as dreadful as well, actual exercise. But just like exercise, the short and long-term benefits of New Year's Resolutions simply cannot be ignored. So every January I throw down a few high-level goals to help keep me sane throughout the upcoming year.

Some of these are personal but in truth, most of them are professional goals. (And more than likely, handed to me from above.) I'm sure you can relate - we all have these organizational goals. Some are new, some are perpetual, and some are in desperate need of attention. 

I have found the best way for me to achieve these goals is by making them as fun as possible. After all, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Educational studies have proven we learn best when we’re engaged and having fun.

Attending AssetWorld 21: Mission Possible in mid-April is a fun way for you (and your team) to tackle several of your organizational goals.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits...

Education Education Whether you are new to AssetWork's solutions (ReADY, AiM, & Go) or a daily user, AssetWorld's user conference covers a wide-variety of topics. The training courses, workshops, breakout and roundtable sessions are educational, engaging, and informative.
Pre-Conference Training & Certifications Certification Ready to prove to the world you know your stuff? Led by our team of veteran AssetWorks developers, AssetWorld 21 offers certifications for "Ready Request" or "Advanced Business Automations." 
Assetworks Experts Expertise Although the user conference is virtual, AssetWorld 21 will be utilizing 3 web-based platforms that allow attendees to access numerous, high-quality 1-on-1 sessions with our solution engineers. (The value of these sessions are worth the price of registration alone.) 
Call for Presentations Recognition If you are using AssetWork's solutions, chances are high that your team has provided some amazing results. (Results that deserve recognition.) Submit a idea / topic and our team will help craft a presentation that delivers the recognition your team deserves!
network Network We all know that networking is essential for our careers. Who better to rub online elbows with than your industry peers using the same technology? Ditch the business cards - everything is digital these days anyways
Award Praise The "Innovation Award" and the "Steve Deines Achievement Award" are the most prestigious awards offered by AssetWorks. Each year, we present these awards to customers who have accomplished something exceptional. Submit your nominations today!


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